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These customised profiles are specially manufactured based on size and shape needs of the customers.

Customised profiles are needed in almost all sectors. In each structure, lifesaving special profiles are needed. These products are shaped based entirely on customer needs and these products play a key role.

Since these products are completely custom-made, these are important in each project. Customised profiles are needed in both steel structures and reinforced concrete structures and these profiles ease the processes for various engineers.

These profiles can be manufactured in customised structures and shapes. Most common models are galvanized ones. These products are manufactured as zinc coated metal. This way, metal is protected from corrosion and lifecycle can significantly be increased. Non-galvanized products have lifecycle between one or two years. Non-galvanized metals become rusty and erode. Therefore, they have short lifecycle. Galvanized customised profile products can preserve durability between 40-50 years. Therefore, these products are also have high value.

Customised profiles are among the most important products in the sector. These lifesaving products are highly demanded.

 Usage Fields

– Automotive Sector

– Construction Sector

– Fence and Barrier Manufacturing

-Furniture Industry

-Machine Industry

-Agriculture Indutry

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