HEA Profile

General Details

HEA profile irons are materials that provide strength to steel structures. HEA profile irons are used for making structures more durable and these products are favourite products in construction sector.

HEA profile irons are mainly used in steel columns. Since each iron profile has different usage area, selecting the correct iron profile for certain area is important. HEA profile irons are especially popular in European construction sector.

There are multiple usage areas of HEA profile irons. One of those areas is prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses have become more popular in our country and around the world due to easy construction and mobility and this trend increased demand for HEA profile irons. HEA profile irons can be used in normal houses in addition to prefabricated houses. For example, HEA profile irons can be used in foundation of a reinforced concrete structure. This way, foundation of the structure can be strengthened with steel.

HEA profile irons are also commonly used in industry. This construction materials is used in commercial buildings, ship construction, metal building frames, supporting parts of steel bridges, buildings, load bearing, and machinery.

As a result, HEA profile irons are used in different branches of industry. Increasing usage of steel in buildings made HEA profiles more popular.

Techical Info

HEA Beams Sizes, and Mechanical Properties

HEA beam sizes

HEA Beams SizesWeight (kg/m)Sectional Area (cm2)Inertial MomentResistance ModulesInertial Radius
bhaerJx (cm4)Jy (cm4)Wx (cm3)Wy (cm3)ix (cm)iy (cm)
HEA 100965,08,01216,721,24349,2133,872,7626,764,062,51
HEA 1201145,08,01219,925,34606,2230,9106,338,484,893,02
HEA 1401335,58,51224,731,421.033389,3155,455,625,733,52
HEA 1601526,09,01530,438,771.673615,6220,176,956,573,98
HEA 1801716,09,51535,545,252.51924,6293,6102,77,454,52
HEA 2001906,510,01842,353,833.6921.326388,6133.68,284,98
HEA 2202107,011,01850,564,345.411.955515,2177,79,175,51
HEA 2402307,512,02160,376,847.7632.769675,1230,710,056,00
HEA 2602507,512,52468,286,8210.453.668836,4282,110,976,50
HEA 2802708,013,02476,497,2613.674.7631.013340,211,867,00
HEA 3002908,514,02788,3112,518.266.311.26420,612,747,49
HEA 3003109,015,52797,6124,422.936.9851.479465,713,587,49
HEA 3003309,516,527105,0133,527.697.4361.678495,714,407,46
HEA 30035010,017,527112,0142,833.097.8871.891525,815,227,43
HEA 30039011,019,027125,0159,045.078.5642.311570.916,847,34
HEA 30044011,521,027140,0178,063.729.4652.896631,018,927,29
HEA 30049012,023,027155,0197,586.9710.373.55691,121,987,24
HEA 30054012,524,027166,0211,8111.910.824.146721,322,997,15
HEA 30059013,025,027178,0226,5141.211.274.787751,424,977,05
HEA 30064013,526,027190,0241,6175.211.725.474781,626,936,97
HEA 30069014,527,027204,0260,5215.312.186.241811,928,876,84
HEA 30079015,028,030224,0285,8303.412.647.682842,632,586,65
HEA 30089016,030,030252,0320,5422.113.559.485903,236,296,50
HEA 30099016,531,030272,0346,8553.81411.19933,639,966,35
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