HEB Profile

General Details

HEB profile irons are construction materials used for supporting steel structures. Especially, this product is highlighted in construction sector due to strength provided to steel.

HEB profile irons are used for supporting steel columns and these profiles are among the most important materials in construction sector. Since there are wide range of profile products, it is important to use the correct profile for correct area.

Today, HEB profile irons are used in prefabricated houses that are highly popular. HEB profile irons are ideal to support steel columns and these profiles are important in this sector. HEB profile iron sales have increased as prefabricated houses are preferred commonly due to higher earthquake resistance.

Usage area of HEB profile irons are not limited with these fields. These profiles are also used in steel clerestory, steel bridges, and steel buildings as supportive and strengthening material.

Manufacturing of this material is increasing as steel use is increasing both in our country and around the world. HEB profile irons are frequently used by engineers due to earthquake resistant properties.

Techical Info

HEB Beams Sizes, and Mechanical Properties

HEB beam sizes

HEB Beam SizesWeight (kg/m)Sectional Area (cm2)Inertial Moment Resistance ModulesInertial Radius
bhaerJx (cm4)Jy (cm4)Wx (cm3)Wy (cm3)ix (cm)iy (cm)
HEB 1001006,010,01220,426,04449,5167,389,9133,454,162,53
HEB 1201206,511,01226,734,01864,4317,5144,152,925,043,06
HEB 1401407,012,01233,742,961.509549,7215,678,525,933,58
HEB 1601608,013,01542,654,252.492889,2311,5111,26,784,05
HEB 1801808,514,01551,265,253.8311.363425,7151,47,664,57
HEB 2002009,015,01861,378,085.6962.003569,6200,38,545,07
HEB 2202209,516,01871,591,048.0912.843735,5258,59,435,59
HEB 24024010,017,02183,2106,011.263.923938,3326,910,316,08
HEB 26026010,017,52493,0118,414.925.1351.148395,011,226,58
HEB 28028010,518,024103,0131,419.276.5951.376471,012,117,09
HEB 30030011,019,027117,0149,125.178.5631.678570,912,997,58
HEB 30032011,520,527127,0161,330.829.2391.926615,913,827,57
HEB 30034012,021,527134,0170,936.669.692.156646,014,657,53
HEB 30036012,522,527142,0180,643.1910.142.4676,115,467,49
HEB 30040013,524,027155,0197,857.6810.822.884721,317,087,40
HEB 30045014,026,027171,0218,079.8911.723.551781,419,147,33
HEB 30050014,528,027187,0238,6107.212.624.287841,621,197,27
HEB 30055015,029,027199,0254,1136.713.084.971871,823,207,17
HEB 30060015,530,027212,0270,017113.535.701902,025,177,08
HEB 30065016,031,027225,0286,3210.613.986.48932,327,126,99
HEB 30070017,032,027241,0306,4256.914.447.34962,728,966,87
HEB 30080017,533,030262,0334,2359.114.98.977993,632,786,68
HEB 30090018,535,030291,0371,3494.115.8210.981.05436,486,53
HEB 300###19,036,030314,0400,0644.716.2812.891.08540,156,38
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