HRP Sheet

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HRP sheet is flat steel products produced by rolling hot rolled flat steels without heating and in the form of coils or sheets with a thickness of 0.20-2.00 mm. Sheet iron material. It is obtained by passing thick plates between rollers, that is, by rolling. After the first hot rolling, cold rolling is done to obtain a smooth surface.

These sheets of different thicknesses are cut within certain standard dimensions or in strips. HRP sheet is the cleaned state of hot rolled coil sheets. The sheets whose surface is cleaned in the cleaning line can be oiled upon request. The product is sold cut into rolls or sheets. The surfaces of hot rolled coils are coated with iron oxide as a result of manufacture. In the cleaning line, the oxidized surfaces of the materials are cleaned and made ready for rolling, no change in thickness during this process. The name of the material removed from the line is acid-cleaned material, its trade name is RP or HRP.

HRP Sheet Usage Fields

The physical properties of the produced materials are homogeneous throughout the roll, and the surface smoothness, width and thickness values ​​meet the expectations at the highest level. Deep drawing qualities suitable for cold forming are used in general application areas, in the automotive industry, in the durable household appliances sector, in the manufacture of kitchenware, radiators and ventilation equipment, and in applications where strength, toughness and sunness are requested.

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