Rectangular Profile

General Details

Rectangular profiles are among most commonly used construction materials. Rectangular profiles are used in various sectors, especially in construction sector. As the name suggests, these profiles are milled in rectangular shape and this shape is the most important property of this material.

Since rectangular profiles are galvanized, these profiles can be used for a long time. Rectangular profiles can protect original structure without rusting due to water contact and humidity. Accordingly, these profiles promise safe usage.

Today, steel structures are extremely popular. One of the main reasons for this popularity is earthquake resistance of steel structures. Since steel structures are constructed from extremely light material, these structures have minimum damage after natural disasters like earthquake. Additionally, steel structures are popular as these structures can be constructed easily and dismounted/mounted any time. One of the most common materials in steel structures is rectangular profiles. As the number of steel structures increased, sales of rectangular profiles significantly increased.

At the same time, rectangular profiles are extremely affordable. Since rectangular profiles are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal, maintenance of these materials are easy and affordable. Galvanizes structure prevents rust and these products are strong for years. With these properties, these profiles have lower costs compared to other products. Although there are different rectangular profiles, galvanized profiles have the best prices.

Rectangular Profile, is used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, in the production of machinery and agricultural tools, in all areas where steel construction is used.



Techical Info

Production Range:

Rectangular : 20X10, 300X500

Wall Thickness: It can be produced in preferred wall thicknesses from 3 mm to 16 mm.

Prodution Standards

TS 5317 – TS EN 10219-2 – ASTM A-500


Curvature : 2.5 mm / m for B, H ≤ 30 mm
1.5 mm / m for  B, H > 30 mm

B and H dimensions is the weight and heigth of profile.

Perpendicularity: ± 1 °

Rotation: B/10 veya H/10 mm/m for B, H ≤ 30 mm

3 mm/m for B, H > 30 mm

Length: Max -0 / +  100mm (standard production is 6 m)- Weld Seam Misalignment

Between a < 20 mm ± 3mm a= 20 mm and 35 mm ± between 4 mm a =35 mm and 80 mm ± 6 mm ± % 10 or ± 3 mm of  Edge length

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