Square Profile

General Details

Square profiles is one of the most commonly used iron profiles in construction sector. Demand for square profiles also used in industry is increasing. As the name suggest, these profiles are milled in square shape and these are extremely important elements in the sector.

There are certain things to be considered when purchasing and using square profiles. Quality of these products is extremely important. Also, when selecting square profile product, galvanized structure should be considered. Non-galvanized square products will rust and erode in short time. Galvanizes square profiles have strong structure with 40-50 years of life. Therefore, product selection plays an important role.

Square profiles are mostly used in construction sector. Popularity of square profiles is only natural as steel structures are popular around the world. Steel structures are leading sector with earthquake resistance and practicality. Therefore, demand for square profiles is rapidly increasing.

Square profiles are also commonly used in classical reinforced concrete structures in addition to steel structures. Square profile irons are used as supportive elements in foundations and columns.

Also, square profiles have affordable prices. Especially galvanised square profile prices are good compared with performance of these products.

Usage Fields:

Consruction elements (costruction sector), machine producer, Shipbuilding Industry, Roof Structure, Automotive and automotive sub-industry, bicycle, furniture and steel products, other sectors

Techical Info

Production Range:

Outer Section: 10X10 mm – 400X400 mm

Wall Thickness:0.70 mm – 16.00 mm

Length: The standart Length is 6 meters, can be delivered between 4 and 16 metres in special orders.


Curvature : 2.5 mm / m for B, H ≤ 30 mm
1.5 mm / m for  B, H > 30 mm

B and H dimensions is the weight and heigth of profile.

Perpendicularity: ± 1 °

Rotation: B/10 veya H/10 mm/m for B, H ≤ 30 mm

Length: Max -0 / +  100mm (standard production is 6 m)- Weld Seam Misalignment

Between a < 20 mm ± 3mm a= 20 mm and 35 mm ± between 4 mm a =35 mm and 80 mm ± 6 mm ± % 10 or ± 3 mm of  Edge length

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