First company was BTB Construction & Installation company which was built to make piping, storage tanks and pressure vessel fabrication and installation.

In 2013, BTB started its adventures in different countries and first abroad project was the quality management works of pipeline project in Basrah Iraq. Immediately after Iraq, BTB awarded a project from one of the biggest contractors in the world for infrastructure of Kutaisi, Poti and Anaklia cities of Georgia. After completion of many successful projects, BTB started to work in a lot of countries by the reference of its clients.

In 2017 BTB Mechanical Construction Company is built and new Group started to work in new geographies like Afghanistan, Djibouti etc.

Until today, group companies completed projects in 9 countries.

In 2017 Mat Pipe, Mat Industrial and Mtr Steel companies are also built and Mat Group is locked on its targets with different sectors.


Activities of MAT Group are generally:

  1. Construction Projects

    MAT Group is specialized in energy, infrastructure, tank farms, superstructure, pipelines, water projects etc. By collaboration of all group companies turnkey construction are carried out succesfully. BTB Construction & Installation is Group’s main company for construction projects. Projects are carried from soil to plants and buildings.

  2. Industrial Projects

    Powerplants, hydroelectric, refineris, petrochemical projects etc are in the scope of MAT Group. MAT Heavy Industry is an material / equipment supplier for Industrial Projects.

  3. Pipeline / Piping / Instrumentation

    MAT Pipe is the company of MAT Group for pipeline/piping and instrumentation sector. MAT Pipe’s scope is pipeline engineering, spool fabrications, turnkey piping projects.

  4. Heavy Industry Eqipment Fabrication & Installation

    MAT Heavy Industry is the manufacturing company of MAT Group which is fabricating storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exhangers, spool, steel structure and tailor made welded fabrications.

  5. International Trade

    MAT Group is a supplier since more than 10 years for its own worldwide projects. In cooperation with reliable suppliers we are working since years and with our own products, MAT Group is supplying materials and equipments for different sectors.

Board’s Message

We started our activities as BTB CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION in 2012 and turning into MAT GROUP in the past 9 years and today we are moving forward with the effort to raise the bar in the sector which are water projects, energy projects and infrastructure projects in various countries.
As MAT GROUP, we aim to create a positive impact in all areas where we operate with the awareness of environmental and social responsibility.
As MAT GROUP, we would like to thank all our employees and business partners who progressed with us on the way.



Brief History of Our Group

July 2012

Establishment of BTB Construction which is the first company of MAT Group.

January 2013

First Project in Iraq

December 2013

Water Supply Infrastructure Project in Georgia.

February 2016

Steel Construction Works of Romania FORD Factory.

April 2017

First Step to a New Sector: Mechanical Works of Faizabad HEPP / Afghanistan.

July 2017

Establishment of MAT Pipe MAT Industry and Mtr Steel.

April 2019

First Project in Africa: Djibouti Desalination Plant Mechanical Construction.

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