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General Details

There are various profile products and there are certain structural differences between these profiles. Therefore, when selecting profile iron, it is important to consider usage area and number of the steel. Otherwise, there could be undesired consequences.

Fragile buildings that collapsed during earthquake raised awareness. Therefore, individuals are demanding to use IPE profile irons in the buildings from contractors and engineers.

Most important factor that increased popularity of IPE profile irons was prefabricated houses. Prefabricated houses with steel structure are commonly used in Europe and America due to practicality and earthquake resistant materials. Therefore, IPE profile iron sales have rapidly increased. As the number of prefabricated houses are increasing in our country, it is estimated that these profiles will become more popular in the future.

IPE profile irons are used in different fields. IPE profile irons are commonly used in different steel structures, especially in steel bridges, to increase support.

Techical Info
Profile    Dimensions, mmWeightSection area
       h              b              s              t           kg/mcm2
IPE 8080463,85,26,07,64
IPE 100100554,15,78,110,3
IPE 120120644,46,310,413,2
IPE 140140734,76,912,916,4
IPE 1601608257,415,820,1
IPE 180180915,3818,823,9
IPE 2002001005,68,522,428,5
IPE 2202201105,99,226,233,4
IPE 2402401206,29,830,739,1
IPE 2702701356,610,236,145,9
IPE 3003001507,110,742,253,8
IPE 3303301607,511,549,162,6
IPE 360360170812,757,172,7
IPE 4004001808,613,566,384,5
IPE 4504501909,414,677,698,8
IPE 50050020010,21690,7116
IPE 55055021011,117,2106134
IPE 6006002201219122156
Steel gradeS235JR, S275JR/J0, S355JR/J2
Standard length6000, 6100 mm
12000, 12100 mm


StandardsSteelEN 10025-2
DimensionsDIN 1025-5
TolerancesEN 10034
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