Under Concrete Deck Sheet

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Under Concrete Deck Sheet and concrete trapeze enable steel to be used with concrete. The most common feature in today’s construction technologies is the ideal combination of different building materials.

The most important feature of the composite structure is the use of concrete and steel together. Various combinations of steel with high tensile and flexible properties and concrete with high pressure strength and corrosion resistance are used and applied in steel + concrete composite structures in the world. With the composite construction method, it is possible to combine the positive properties of steel and concrete without any obstacles.

In the composite structures that are formed, steel carriers carry the tension power and concrete carries the pressure power.In addition, as a result of the combination of the steel skeleton with concrete, the steel and concrete have the bearing power as a whole and become a whole that moves together and provides a great protection against fire. Composite floor trapezoidal sheet provides excellent composite integrity between concrete and steel with its high pitch and advanced cross section properties. It significantly reduces steel building costs and provides high structural efficiency.

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