Q Type Steel Mesh

General Details

Places of Use:

  • Decks of reinforced concrete structures
  • Beamless floors
  • Ribbed floors
  • Munferid and radial foundations
  • Curtains and retaining walls
  • Concrete runway
  • Highway and field concrete
  • Subway and tunnel construction
  • Water structures; in dams, canals and canals
  • Prefabricated building elements
  • Various constructions of industrial buildings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Garden fence and railing etc. places
Technical Info

Quality: DIN 488, TSE 4559 and other international standards

Diemensions: Rod Diameter: Between 4,5 – 11,0

Rod Surface: Ribbed

Mechanical Features: Minimum Yield Point: 500/N mm2

Minimum Tensile Force: 500/N mm2

Minimum Elongation Break: 5-8%

Shearing :Strength At Node Point: S = 0.30 x As x f0.2

Row material: SAE 1006-1008-1010 quality wire rod is used.

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